Making sure that your commercial kitchen has an adequate kitchen pollution control system is very important. Keeping the air in your kitchen clean will help keep employees happier and give your restaurant a clean feeling that customers can enjoy.

It has been proven that diners are far more likely to recommend a restaurant that they felt comfortable in while dining. The kitchen ventilation experts at Thermal solutions Limited understand how important it is to have a properly ventilated commercial kitchen.

Thermal solutions limited has installed commercial kitchen ventilation and pollution control systems in a variety of different restaurants across the Uganda. Our expert technicians are well versed in the international fire codes. We know that different types of restaurants do different types of cooking and each will require a unique system.

After we have completed the ventilation and pollution control system installation we can set up regular cleaning appointments so you can be sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. Get in touch today to get your restaurant outfitted with a modern kitchen ventilation and pollution control system today.